• First of all, as a woman who uses a wheelchair, I’m all too aware of the physical deficiencies in accessibility in American society today. As Ms. Wheelchair Eastern USA, I’ve even made that my platform going toward the finals of the Ms. Wheelchair USA competition. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA is currently so misunderstood, disregarded, and unenforced, that many of us with disabilities are actually finding it more difficult to get around and be independent in society, as opposed to less difficult, as it should be with continuing progress and new-build construction.
  • Many Americans with disabilities are unaware of the existence of other laws governing their civil rights, even if they are aware of the ADA. One such law is the Air Carriers Access Act, or ACA. This law is generally outright ignored by passenger flight companies. They count on us being ignorant of this law and not having the education — or the chutzpah — to stand up for our rights and advocate for ourselves. Of course, it’s our job to prove them wrong at every turn.

And of course, with American elections looming another such law that everybody with a disability should be educating themselves on is HAVA — or, the Help America Vote Act.
More to come soon!